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TDP Basic Overview

We believe in Democracy but it needs a reboot, redesign x a rethink. It's the right way to decide what should be done "for the people by the people" but needs a evolution via a revolution. We at TDP believe it's time to build a future using what we have learnt that works and does not work about democracy. Add technology like Blockchain, AI and total transparency to the mix and we can make this system work for all, 24-7 for 100% of people. It's time for Democracy 2.0. Join us! @democracytake2

TDP Mission

To bring the power of choice to your finger tips. To allow you to have a voice. To make a difference and contribute to the world you want to live in. 

TDP Vision

To cut out the middleman in Democracy, To give people the power to direct connect and get connected to the future you want for you and your friends and family. 

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