We Believe Democracy Needs To Be Fixed. Join our movement

We have a plan to fix democracy using a combination of digital, blockchain, AI, crowd funding and of course common sense. 

The Platform

For the people, by the people


The time has come to take back control, I am sure you have heard this line before. However, this time it's different because it's us the people taking control back from those who promised to make the world a better place for us but failed. The present political system is not built for todays world. This is not about a revolution but an evolution of Democracy where we really have a say, in real time in a real way.

How Will It Work?


We are working to put the power of Democracy in your hands, literally. We believe techonology can remove the need for a middle man. You can decide on policy that governments implement. It’s real democracy and it’s matched with a always on crowdfunding system. This will mean your ideas can either be supported by the government and funded that way or if they don’t get the votes needed, you can still push your idea via a crowd funding eco-system. Just you don’t win an election, does not mean you have to wait 5 years until policies you care about are implemented!  We plan to put the people (not a person), in control of what happens in our country. 

How Will We Do it?


The first step is we need you the people to join our movement and together we can fix this mess. 

Get involved!